What Is Sangeet Millennium?

Sangeet Millennium, which Dr. Amie Maciszewski founded in 2002 and leads, is an initiative that presents mainly traditional, but also new, music and dance of the Indian subcontinent through collaborative and interactive performance, workshops, classes, festivals, and sometimes films.

Our mission consists of utilizing the music and dance culture of the Indian subcontinent/South Asia as a base upon which to bring together people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities in the joyful exploration of the rich diversity of music and dance in the world for the common good: to raise people’s awareness of and, ultimately, respect for different types of this ultimate human expression.

We aim to carry this out by:

1. Community involvement in the role of cultural mediator/facilitator between performers and other artists, students, arts lovers, educators, and the public, working with all to place culture at the core of a strategy that uses the arts to express diverse (often under-represented) cultures.

2. Working to stimulate social impact in the community while co-creating an interdependent, intersectional, and sustainable artistic ecosystem that supports non-commercial world music and dance.

The Sangeet Millennium Ensemble

Sangeet Millennium Ensemble is a collective that presents South Asian music for the world, both traditional and new. A fluid, inclusive configuration of musicians always open to creative collaboration, the Sangeet Millennium Ensemble often blends its foundational music seamlessly with jazz and other world musics. The Ensemble’s goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain as we celebrate diversity through music and the performing arts.

Founded in 2006 and led by sitarist Dr. Amie Maciszewski, the Sangeet Millennium Ensemble was selected among the Top Ten Best Performing Bands/World Music 2010-11 in the Austin Chronicle Readers’ Poll. The project’s artistic work has received support from the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture, City of Austin Cultural Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts, and Mid-America Arts Alliance, among others. The Ensemble has released three CDs, the award-winning “Shimmering” (2006), “Sangeet Safar” (2010), and “Pathways of the Soul/Ruhaani Manzilen/Moner Poth” (2016).