Welcome to Sangeet Millennium!

Sangeet Millennium, through the vision of Dr. Amie Maciszewski, is an initiative that celebrates diversity by presenting mainly traditional, but also new South Asian music and dance for the world—through collaborative and interactive performances, workshops, classes, and more. Dr. Amie is the creative thought leader, sitarist, teaching artist, and ethnomusicologist who founded and runs Sangeet Millennium. 

Our mission is to raise awareness of and appreciation for the non-commercial performance culture of the Indian subcontinent/South Asia. We do so by presenting highlights of Dr. Amie’s culture work: performance, teaching, scholarship, and collaborative production of these. Amie seeks to use her music (and its co-creation with others) to promote intercultural connection and concern for those whose lives and worldviews differ vastly from ours.


“ . . . With her presence and melodious performance, American sitarist Dr. Amie Maciszewski lit up this Lucknow evening. . .” Dainik Jagaran [Hindi language], Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India Dec. 12, 2019
“Amie’s decades-long immersion into mastering the sitar has earned her an international reputation, and Sangeet Millennium is a collaboration that should not be missed.” Tempo – Taos News [Taos, New Mexico], May 23, 2019
“Thank you, Amie . . . , for a wonderful performance. It really goes to show that we put too much importance on race. It’s just skin deep, really, because the way you played not just with understanding, but with the love involved when you play the folk songs of Kesariya and so on . . . the younger generation of Pakistan are bereft of that part of our tradition.” (Arieb Azhar, Culture Worker, Recording Artist, Producer, former Executive Director at T2F Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan – following Amie’s concert at T2F, August 9, 2019, Karachi, Pakistan)

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