Outreach, Workshops & Residencies

With a lifelong passion for learning the nuances of different cultures, I have always been interested in sharing those nuances and promoting understanding between people of different backgrounds. I do this through my various performances, but also through teaching classes on Hindustani vocal and sitar, through community outreach programs, and also by visiting and giving lectures to schools and organizations throughout the world.

Workshops & Lecture Demonstrations

I facilitate students of Hindustani music in the discovery of this art form’s formidable challenge, transformative quality, and joyous inspiration. I strive to motivate students and nurture their confidence and creativity by providing situations for them to interact musically, sometimes performing together in public contexts.

My belief is that practicing this music and participating in its culture in diaspora will lead students from diverse backgrounds to improve their analytical, problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, as well as broaden their global awareness and conception of sound and culture.

Community Outreach Education

I seek to re-present the music and culture of South Asia, in which I have been immersed for more than half of my life, in a manner that is accessible to people of diverse backgrounds, generations, and abilities. I use my grounding in this music and culture as a foundation on which to lead students and community members in the exploration of the rich diversity of music and dance in the world, thus raising people’s awareness and, ultimately, their respect for different types of this ultimate human expression.

I also teach Hindustani music lessons, click below for more info