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Amie Maciszewski offers enchanting Indian sitar music with tabla accompaniment and sometimes vocals, performing classical and light-classical ragas, folk, and devotional melodies. With her Sangeet Millennium Ensemble, she bends and blends traditional Indian genres with jazz sax and more, creating new world sounds that are elegantly vibrant and soulful. Amie and Sangeet Millennium perform in concerts, lecture-performances, art gallery exhibits, school shows, cultural events, music and film festivals, nonprofit events, tasteful social gatherings, and more in Texas, North America, and internationally. A studied musician and learned scholar, Amie is also happy to lead residencies, workshops, and classes on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Music, performance, and culture of South Asia
  • Gender/women and performance in South Asia
  • “Raag, Rasa, Rang,” or Melody, Emotion, and Color in South Asian music
  • Songs of the Seasons in the northern Indian Subcontinent
  • Sangeet (music of South Asia) as Yoga
  • Raga and Jazz in early Bollywood

For inquiries and booking, please email [email protected] or [email protected].