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Sarode Maestro Ustad Aashish Khan

“Amelia is one of my most hard working, sincere, and dedicated students. She realizes how deep and spiritual our music is and always tries to convey that in her performance and teaching. She is a very accomplished performer on sitar and a fine teacher and ensemble director of both instrumental and vocal music.”

The Late Padmavibhushan Dr. Girija Devi

Amelia is a very sincere and dedicated disciple of mine whose deep interest in Hindustani music has led to notable understanding, accomplishment and professionalism as a vocal instructor and sitar performer. “

Reviews & Testimonials

“ . . . With her presence and melodious performance, American sitarist Dr. Amie Maciszewski lit up this Lucknow evening. . .” Dainik Jagaran, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Dec. 12, 2019
“Amie’s decades-long immersion into mastering the sitar has earned her an international reputation, and Sangeet Millennium is a rare collaboration that should not be missed.” Tempo, Taos, NM, May 23, 2019
“My mom . . . said it was so peaceful she could close her eyes and feel the music. That is when you know it is really resonating. And it was great. . . .” (Message to Amie from audience member following Sangeet Millennium Ensemble’s show at the Whip In, Austin, March 4, 2018.)
“. . .would like to thank you for the wonderful Masala concert last evening and . . . convey our great pleasure to each of the other performers. What made it so incredible was that no single performer stood out but instead contributed enormously to the whole. . . .” Andrew Strout, Photography Professor, Univ. of Oklahoma (Message to OU Masala World Music Series director following Sangeet Millennium Ensemble’s concert, Sept. 17, 2016).
“Amie, I wanted to thank you . . . again for the wonderful performances you gave our audiences last night. It was a wonderful experience for those in the galleries. . . . (Message from Stacey Lizotte, Head of Adult Programming and Multimedia Services, Dallas Museum of Art, following Amie’s performance at the Islamic Art Festival, Nov. 11, 2017)
“S(i)tar performance by veteran US artist . . . Eminent American ethnomusicologist and artist Dr. Amelia Maciszewski enthralled the audience with her sitar performance at the Government College University here on Thursday. . . .” Dawn Lahore, April 22, 2016
“Three-day Music Mela draws to a close . . . On the last day of the festival American sitar player Amie Maciszewski stole the show with her performance, which included renditions of Rajasthani and Punjabi folk music. Ms. Maciszewski also sang in Punjabi. . . .” Dawn Islamabad, April 24, 2016
Oct. 26, 2014: ArtsEmerson Duo: Mozartian and Mahabhratian Magic
Jan. 2014: Three songs by Sangeet Millennium Ensemble in Number1Music’s Top Ten
Feb. 20, 2013: India Post, Chicago, IL.
Sept. 2012:
Aug. 8, 2012: The Statesman, Kolkata, India. “Monsoon Ragas” – weekly update by Meena Banerjee ” . . . sitar exponent Dr Amelia Maciszewski (Amie) from the US, who is a senior disciple of Ustad Ashish Khan and Dr Girija Devi, offered her interpretation of raga Desh and a traditional kajri-based dhun. She displayed an eye for symmetry and a systematic pattern of layakari along with good melodic sense. . . . ”

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