Amie Maciszewski, Ph.D


Welcome to Sangeet Millennium!

Sangeet Millennium, through the vision of Dr. Amie Maciszewski, is an initiative that celebrates diversity by presenting mainly traditional, but also new South Asian music and dance for the world—through collaborative and interactive performances, workshops, classes, and more. Dr. Amie is the creative thought leader, sitarist, teaching artist, and ethnomusicologist who founded and runs Sangeet Millennium.

Our mission is to raise awareness of and appreciation for the non-commercial performance culture of the Indian subcontinent/South Asia. We do so by presenting highlights of Dr. Amie’s culture work: performance, teaching, scholarship, and collaborative production of these. Amie seeks to use her music (and its co-creation with others) to promote intercultural connection and concern for those whose lives and worldviews differ vastly from ours.


Amie’s music is known for her unique blend of classical and contemporary styles, creating a sound that is both traditional and innovative. Her music is steeped in the rich culture and history of South Asia and her performances take listeners on a journey through that culture.

Amie also leads and performs with the Sangeet Millennium Ensemble, a collective that presents South Asian music for the world, both traditional and new. A fluid, inclusive configuration of musicians always open to creative collaboration, the Sangeet Millennium Ensemble has been described as “elegantly vibrant.”


With a lifelong passion for learning the nuances of different cultures, I have always been interested in sharing those nuances and promoting understanding between people of different backgrounds. I do this through my various performances, but also through teaching classes on Hindustani vocal and sitar, through community outreach programs, and also by visiting and giving lectures to schools and organizations throughout the world. 

If you are interested in learning to play Sitar, sing in the Hindustani vocal tradition, or having me visit your organization to give a performance or workshop, feel free to reach out!

About Amie

Dr. Amie Maciszewski is a celebrated sitarist, educator, and advocate for cultural understanding through music. With a rich history of performances and teaching engagements across North America, India, Pakistan, Europe, and Japan, Amie has dedicated her career to the promotion of South Asian music and dance.

Her repertoire spans classical ragas to folk melodies, captivating audiences and fostering a deeper connection with South Asian arts. In addition to performance, Amie leads workshops, educational programs, and residencies that enrich communities with the depth and diversity of South Asian arts.